Abundant Life Around the World

Abundant Life Around The World

7.30am – 10.00am Sundays

Presented By: Lyn Harvey

Lyn in the studio with her grandson

The ”Abundant Life Around The World” program is so named because it features artists from all over the globe and because of the world wide web it also reaches all over the globe. The essential message of the program is Abundant Life through the GOSPEL message the program brings.

Lyn’s passion when she started this inspirational program was to be able to bring some hope to those in their homes who for what ever reason can’t get out, and, would like to hear the gospel message through songs and spoken word or just hearing some inspirational stories from others who like to encourage as well.

Music is a powerful tool and if used through the right avenues can touch people from all walks of life Lyn chooses to help bring life to hurting people through her program.

Email Lyn: lynharvey6@gmail.com