Gippsland FM Support Team

We depend on a team of local staff and volunteers to handle our day-to-day operations.  Our thanks go to these skilled people who work quietly and tirelessly behind the scenes to keep us broadcasting!

Administrative Support: George Cornelis, Ken Thompson, Alan Edwards, Keith Ritchie
Indigenous Producer:
Peter Thain
IT Support: Edcomp Computer Services, Michael Hicks
Production: Shane Bonacci, Michael Hicks
Sponsorship Sales: Shane Bonacci, Michael Hicks, Gil Tipping, Keith Ritchie
Station Co-Ordinator:
Belinda Ritchie
Technical Support: Peter Gray, Michael Hicks, Clem Jarvis
Treasurer: Vacancy
Welfare support officer: Marlene Boshoff

Station Committees

Fundraising Committee
Janet Price
Committee: Janet Price, Amanda Harding, Belinda Ritchie, Ricky Sinclair

Grants Committee
Chairperson: Janet Price
Secretary:  Belinda Ritchie
Committee Members: Janet Price, Belinda Ritchie, Ray Reid

OH&S Committee
Chairperson: D’Artagnan Simpson
Secretary: Belinda Ritchie
Committee Members:  D’Artagnan Simpson, Belinda Ritchie, Michael Hicks, Luke van der Meulen

Programming Advisory Committee
D’Artagnan Simpson
Secretary: Vacancy
Committee Members: D’Artagnan Simpson, Michael Hicks, Peter Gray, Alan Edwards, Bev Loraine,
Gwen Twaddle, Sean Walker, Brett Grixti, Luke van der Meulen, Neil Little, Michael Spisto, Christine Lee

Sales Committee
Chairperson: Keith Ritchie
Secretary: Belinda Ritchie
Committee Members: Keith Ritchie, Belinda Ritchie, Shane Bonacci, Michael Hicks, Ray Reid, Gil Tipping

Technical Committee
Chairperson: Michael Hicks
Secretary: Peter Gray
Committee Members: Michael Hicks, Peter Gray, Shane Bonacci, Clem Jarvis, Neil Little, Luke van der Meulen

Training Committee
Committee Members:
Ken Thompson – Training Controller & Module 4 (Legal and Ethical) training delivery
Belinda Ritchie – Training admin & Disability training delivery
Keith Ritchie – Module 2 (Preparing a radio program) training delivery
Michael Hicks – Module 3 (Presenting a radio program) training deliver & Online/Youth training delivery
Allan McKenzie – Module 4 (Legal and Ethical) training deliver