Local Football



Each week, Gippsland FM broadcast a local football match from the North Gippsland Football Netball League or the Mid Gippsland Football Netball League

You can catch our call team each Saturday from 2PM, bringing you coverage and commentary of the week’s selected broadcast match.
Gippsland FM are proud to partner with a large range of sponsors for these broadcasts and thank all of our sponsors for their ongoing support of Gippsland FM and Gippsland FM Football.

See below for a fixture of matches to be broadcast by Gippsland FM* – Further information about league ladders and results can be found at the following links

North Gippsland Football Netball League information – click here
Mid Gippsland Football Netball League information – click here
*Note fixtured broadcast matches below may be subject to change with little or no notice – refer to this page or Gippsland FM’s facebook page for updated information

You can also listen back to broadcast matches as well as the saturday morning on demand by clicking the link in the “Replay” columns below or click here to view the full list of all broadcast matches and here to view the full list of preview shows. On-Demand replays are uploaded by 4PM Monday afternoons^
^Note: while we endeavor to upload match and preview show repeats in the most timely manner, occasionally matches may be uploaded later than the above mentioned time

Home & Away Season


Date Broadcast Match Ground  League Match Result Match Replay Sports Show Replay
1 Apr Churchill v Yarram Churchill NGFNL Churchill 15.14.104 defeated Yarram 13.14.92
7 Apr Yarram v YYN Yarram NGFNL Yarram 13.10.88 defeated YYN 9.12.66 No Show
15 Apr Morwell East v Foster Morwell E MGFNL Morwell East 8.8.56 defeated Foster 7.8.50
22 Apr Yinnar v Newborough Yinnar MGFNL Yinnar 11.5.71 defeated by Newborough 13.13.91
29 Apr YYN v Heyfield YYN NGFNL YYN 18.15.123 defeated Heyfield 12.8.80
6 May Boolarra v Foster Boolarra MGFNL Boolarra 9.5.55 defeated by Foster 8.14.62
13 May YYN v Churchill YYN NGFNL YYN 13.12.90 defeated by Churchill 17.15.117
20 May Churchill v TTU Churchill NGFNL Churchill 4.6.30 defeated by TTU 13.15.93
27 May Boolarra v Yinnar Boolarra MGFNL Boolarra 6.6.42 defeated by Yinnar 9.15.69
3 Jun Thorpdale v Toora Thorpdale MGFNL  Thorpdale 19.15.109 defeated Toora 4.2.26
10 Jun Yinnar v Fish Creek Yinnar MGFNL Yinnar 9.7.61 defeated Fish Creek 7.12.54
17 Jun Morwell East v Tarwin Morwell E MGFNL Morwell East 7.7.49 defeated by Tarwin 7.9.51
24 Jun Churchill v Woodside Churchill NGFNL Churchill 7.9.51 defeated by Woodside 17.13.115
1 Jul Morwell East v Yinnar Morwell E MGFNL Morwell East 7.11.53 defeated Yinnar 6.10.46
8 Jul YYN v Yarram YYN NGFNL YYN 16.17.113 defeated Yarram 4.2.26 No Call
15 Jul Churchill v Heyfield Churchill NGFNL Churchill 13.9.87 defeated by Heyfield 20.7.127
22 Jul Newborough v Yinnar Newborough MGFNL Newborough 23.8.146 defeated Yinnar 8.5.53
29 Jul Yinnar v Thorpdale Yinnar MGFNL Yinnar 7.5.47 defeated by Thorpdale 16.16.112
5 Aug Churchill v YYN Churchill NGFNL Churchill 9.17.71 defeated by YYN 10.14.74
12 Aug TTU v Churchill TTU NGFNL TTU 23.10.148 defeated Churchill 9.11.65
19 Aug Thorpdale Morwell E MGFNL Thorpdale 6.14.50 defeated Morwell E 6.4.40


Date Broadcast Match Ground League Match Result  Match
Sports Show Replay
20 Aug YYN v Churchill Yarram NGFNL YYN 17.13.115 defeated by Churchill 18.10.118
26 Aug MDU v Morwell E Mirboo N MGFNL MDU 8.10.58 defeated Morwell E 5.20.50
27 Aug Heyfield v Churchill Glengarry NGFNL Heyfield 16.17.113 defeated Churchill 5.22.52
2 Sep Woodside v Heyfield Glengarry NGFNL Woodside 11.9.75 defeated Heyfield 7.4.46
3 Sep MDU v Thorpdale Tarwin MGFNL MDU 9.5.59 defeated by Thorpdale 8.14.62
9 Sep TTU v Woodside Heyfield NGFNL TTU 4.14.38 defeated Woodside 2.8.20
16 Sep Newborough v Fish Creek Morwell E MGFNL Newborough 5.8.38 defeated by Fish Creek 9.12.66