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Our station is funded entirely on donations and funding grants, all of station staff are volunteers who donate their time to bring you the best in diverse community radio programming.

If you would like to support the station by becoming a member or a subscriber please read on about our membership types and download the form below. We thank youf or your support.

Download Application for by clicking here Gippsland FM Membership Application Form

Membership Categories

There are two categories of membership available – Subscribers (Station listeners/supporters) and Station Participants (Broadcasters or Presenters).  In each of these categories, membership rates will vary for Individual, Group or Family, Concession (for unemployed, pensioners and students) and Youth (Those aged 18 years or under.)  If a group of family application is proposed, the group or family must identify one person as its nominated representative.

Membership Types

Voting Members

There are two membership types – Voting members and Non-Voting Members.  Voting Members are those individuals or groups that become a shareholders in the co-operative which owns Gippsland FM by paying $1.00 deposit on one share in the co-operative.  Voting members have the right to stand for election to the board and opportunities to have a say in station policies and the running of the station.  Individuals under the age of 18 can become shareholders but are unable to vote or stand for election to the board.

Non-Voting Memmbers

Non-Voting Members receive the same benefits as Voting Members except they do not pay a deposit on shares or retain any voting rights as described above.

Membership Fees

All Members (Voting & Non-Voting) need to pay the annual levy to remain financial members.  Annual levies are due on 1st September each year. For new members who join part way though a year, full payment is required on application and a pro-rata payment will be applied in the second year of membership.

For Voting membership, include $1.00 on each share applied for (minimum of one share required) plus the appropriate annual levy, outlined on the membership application.

2014/15 Subscription Rate (Incl. GST)

Station Broadcasters:

  • Groups: $105
  • Individuals: $60
  • Concession: $35 (Student, Pensioner, Unemployed)
  • Youth: $15 (Under 18 years of age)


  • Groups: $60
  • Individuals: $30

How To Apply

Download the Application form, attach payment and send to Gippsland FM at PO Box 579, Morwell 3840 or call the station on 5134 8444.


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