Design a logo for Gippsland FM

Gippsland FM logo competition brief

Calling graphic designers, artists and talented creatives.

Gippsland FM is looking for a new logo design created by a member of our own local community. There is a $300 cash prize for the winner, so get creative and send in your design!

  • Competition closes 30 April, 2018
  • Submit entries to

Our current logo is over a decade old and lately we find that it is limiting our marketing and branding efforts due to the font and design we have – basically there’s a lot going on in our current logo.

How do we want to use our logo?

  • Signage, banners
  • Letterhead
  • Website, including favicon
  • Facebook
  • Branding for iTunes, TuneIn and other podcast services
  • Hats, t-shirts, stickers and keep-cups

What do we need from a logo?

So we need a logo that:

  • is scalable in terms of size and elements (ie. a favicon might just use a styled acronym or a single design element from the logo)
  • is simple and memorable, allowing our listeners and the broader community to identify us easily – through shape or style
  • is versatile and can be used across a number of applications
  • is modern and relevant to our community.

What do we like about our current logo?

We would like to keep the spirit of the current logo, but with an update that fits with the new millennium and allows us to use the logo across a number of offline and online channels. Feel free to use an existing element such as the curve or jagged lines or colour – but you don’t have to.

What is the prize?

  • $300 in prize money
  • Media coverage
  • Our thanks


For the competition we only require a PDF version of the logo, the winner will be asked to provide an eps file.

  • 3 colours maximum, 2 preferred
  • Works in colour or black and white
  • Must contain words:   ‘Gippsland FM 104.7’ and  ‘Connecting our community’
  • Entries to be judged by the Gippsland FM Board
  • Winner to be notified and promoted on Gippsland FM.

For inspiration see:


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