Gippsland FM Survey

The Gippsland FM Online Survey is now closed.  We want to thank you for your interest in this survey.  The results will help us to better meet the needs of you, our community.

We learned that our listeners:

  • listen for a total of 13 hours each week
  • mainly tune into us at home or in the car
  • like to use live streaming to listen to us
  • feel our content is relevant and valuable

Also, you want:

  • more local information and discussion of local issues
  • local weather
  • a variety of special interest music

Respondents voted their favorite program as being…

The Country Crew!! Congratulations guys! You can hear the Country Crew each weekday morning from 9-11am.  See our Programe Guide for more great Country Music programs.

Just because our survey is closed, doesn’t mean you can’t give us your feedback.  Contact Us at any time.

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