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Sponsorship Announcements on Gippsland FM 104.7

Gippsland FM is able to provide a range of opportunities for commercial organisations and small businesses to promote their company or specific products and services to the local community. There are a number of significant benefits which Gippsland FM has over other forms of advertising. The key aspects are outlined as follows:


Audiences can be targeted due to the nature of programming provided on Gippsland FM, different audiences listen at various times. Sponsors can target specific audiences with appropriate messaging.

Sponsors are able to create a community supporter image to their enterprise by sponsoring community radio; our audience knows that Gippsland FM is a non-profit voluntary run organisation and would recognise the sponsor as being community minded.

Programs on Gippsland FM do not contain the clutter of endless commercials and jingles; as such your announcements will not have to compete for attention of our listeners, we can now offer sponsorship links to our website featuring your logo – just ask!

Sponsorship Announcements

  • Are a cost effective means of delivering messages to significant audience numbers,
  • Independent surveys show our weekly audience is around 30,000 listeners, and
  • If Gippsland FM produce your sponsorship announcement, a modest one off production fee is applicable

Announcements can be produced at Gippsland FM’s in-house production facilities for your approval or we can broadcast already produced material you may have

To find out how Gippsland FM can help promote your business to the local community, contact one of our sales representatives on (03) 5134 8444 or email our team

Shane Bonacci – shane@gippslandfm.org.au
Michael Hicks – michael@gippslandfm.org.au