About Us

About Gippsland FM 104.7


Our Vision

To provide a media outlet that supports and meets the needs of, and is valued by, the community.

Our Mission

  • To view the community as the primary station shareholder
  • To be relevant to the community we serve
  • To reflect and support the community aspirations
  • To act as a catalyst for community self worth
  • To diversify our activities
  • To have a quality administration
  • To operate the station in a financially viable manner
  • To have diverse income streams, and
  • To supplement and enhance current technology

Gippsland FM is the local community radio station in the central Gippsland / Latrobe Valley area in Victoria, Australia. Situated in the town of Morwell, we are like almost 400 other Community Radio Stations around the country.

Gippsland FM is a non-profit, volunteer-run organisation which aims to provide an alternative radio service for the local community, complementing and supplementing the national and commercial radio networks.

The official station call-sign is 3GCR-FM, however the station has been using the name “GIPPSLAND FM” for the past twenty-five years or more. The station is owned and operated by the Gippsland Community Radio Society Co-operative Limited and broadcasts on a frequency of 104.7 on the FM band.

Membership and participation in broadcasting open to anyone in the community. All members can have a say in the running of the station. Community groups and individuals who may not wish to become broadcasters, but are keen to support their local station, can become subscriber members. Whilst the ABC is funded by our taxes and commercial radio through advertising, a fundamental platform for Community broadcasting is that it can be funded by direct contribution from listeners.

For more information on subscriptions and the benefits, please go to our Members area, e-mail us, or reach us via one of our other contact methods.

Primary Activity

Gippsland Community Radio Society Co-operative Ltd conducts it business affairs according to current Co-operative Legislation in Victoria. In accordance with this Act (the Co-operatives Act 1996) the primary activity of our Co-operative is:

To provide educational programs, community access programs, high quality music and other such radio programs considered suitable for broadcasting for members of the society and the people of the Gippsland district.

Purpose And Objectives

As a community radio broadcaster, Gippsland FM is licensed by the Australian Communications and Media Authority. In accordance with that licence, the station has the following “Purpose and Objectives” which appears as part of its operating conditions. These are:

  1. To provide facilities and equipment for education, recreation or other community purposes, and to promote and assist clubs, societies or other organisations for any such purposes;
  2. To provide educational programs, community access programs, high quality music and other such radio programs considered suitable for broadcasting for the local community;
  3. To promote an appreciation and interest in broadcasting activities;
  4. To promote and carry out any charitable purposes; and
  5. To improve the conditions of community life.

Promise Of Performance

In accepting its broadcast licence, Gippsland FM has given a commitment to the Australian Communications and Media Authority that it will:

  • Seek to provide an alternative radio service for the people of Gippsland. Program content and format shall be such as to complement and supplement programs provided by commercial and national broadcasters serving Gippsland;
  • Provide educational programs, community access programs, high quality music and other programs considered suitable for broadcasting to the people of Gippsland;
  • Offer access to facilities and personnel to all community members and/or groups to produce and broadcast their programs. Other community members and/or groups shall have the right of reply to views expressed in these programs;
  • Seek to promote public awareness of the potential of community broadcasting, encouraging the community to produce its own programs;
  • Remain publicly accountable by virtue of the structure of its corporate body; station Board meetings will be open to observers from the community;
  • Endorse and abide by the Code of Ethics of the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia.

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